Essential List 1. Housing / Cage 2. Bedding 3. Hay Rack 4. Water Bottle / Bowl 5. Pellet Bowl 6. Hidey House 7. Hay 8. Pellets 9. Toys 10. Veggies and Fruits 11. A friend - no piggy or rabbit should be alone get them a friend. DO NOT use exercise balls or wheels: These can cause severe spinal and back injuries. Cavies do not have the flexibility of other rodents and it will cause serious physical harm.  Never under any circumstance place your guinea pig in any of these items. DO NOT use harnesses or leashes: These can be easily slipped out off, they stretch and flex a cavies back causing painful back and spinal injuries. Cavies need hiding areas in which to feel safe and offer sufficient coverage.  Example are igloos, small chairs and cardboard boxes turned upside down. You must ensure that all hiding houses are well ventilated and allow sufficient air flow.  Tunnels are also a good idea and can be made out of folded newspaper that can be discarded if soiled, PVC piping and over turned hay racks. Accessories also provide mental stimulation, act as resting areas and should always be included in every  guinea pigs home. A water bottle with a metal sipper should also be attached to the cage wall. A large bottle is best as cavies can drink a large amount of water during the day and night. A heavy ceramic bowl that cannot be tipped over should be included to provide your guinea pigs with either a plain pellet mix or to hold vegetables. A hay rack that can be attached to the wall should always be included in any cage. It helps keep the hay dry and off the floor where it may get soiled. Hay racks can be made out of bent wire grids, bird cage lids or purchased from a pet supply store. Suitable Toys Toys should be chosen carefully as many can have detachable or moving parts that can be easily swallowed and can be a choking hazard. Toys should have no small easily chewable parts and should be solid, with no sharp pieces attached to them. A guide to a suitable toy is one which is solid, smooth, with no small parts that can be swallowed or taken apart by chewing or movement.
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