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GRIDS AND C&C CAGES What are Grids? Grids or more commonly referred to as C & C (Cubes and Corflute) or corplast in America is becoming a more popular option for indoor  cage design and structure. This innovative idea originated in America  – please refer to our guide for further information on how to construct, build and design your very own C & C cage. Benefits of  C & C Cages: Fit any space. The key feature of these cages is the ability to create a space for your guinea  pigs that can be altered or changed with ease. The easy to use lock in grids can create multi levels, ramps, hay racks, floor time areas or outdoor play pens. You have the ability to alter the cage to suit your guinea pigs changing needs and requirements. Space: A C & C  cage has the benefit of providing adequate space, accessibility and enables you to provide your guinea pig with a stimulating, fun environment. Please see How Large for further information on size requirements. Please note – always calculate the space you provide your guinea pig by the inside area not the outside. The inside area of your cage is where your guinea pigs will be housed hence this is a much more accurate measurement of the size available to them. Accessories: Grids can be altered to make hay racks, play pens by cable tying them together, tunnels and futons. Please see our Cage Accessories for ideas. Decorative: Grids can be purchased in black or white and contact paper can be used to create a decorative border by adhering to corflute. Themes for your cage can be a fun way to get the family involved in caring for your cavy. Supplies and Availability See our huge range of C&C cages and accessories including ready made cage kits, ramps, lofts and extentions. We stock high quality grids and connectors with everything you need to start building your very own indoor C&C cage. We ship worldwide and our store is 100% Australian owned and operated from Sydney. Check out our cage starter packs for some great C&C cage ideas!
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